Top 5 Market Research Companies in Europe

In the diverse and dynamic landscape of market research, Europe stands as a beacon of innovation and expertise. As we delve into the realm of consumer insights and trends, it’s time to spotlight the top 5 market research companies in Europe, celebrated for their exceptional contributions and unparalleled expertise.

1. Kantar Group:

At the forefront of market research in Europe, Kantar Group reigns supreme with its comprehensive suite of data-driven solutions and analytical prowess. With a global presence spanning over 100 countries, Kantar boasts an extensive portfolio of services, including consumer insights, media monitoring, and brand strategy. In 2023, Kantar reported revenues exceeding €4 billion, solidifying its position as a market leader in the region.

2. Nielsen Holdings plc:

With a legacy spanning over a century, Nielsen Holdings plc continues to be a driving force in Europe’s market research landscape. Renowned for its innovative approach to consumer measurement and analytics, Nielsen offers a wide range of services, including retail measurement, media analytics, and consumer behavior insights. In 2023, Nielsen reported revenues of €6.3 billion, underscoring its influence and impact in the European market.

3. GfK SE:

As a trusted provider of market intelligence and consumer insights, GfK SE has carved a niche for itself in Europe’s competitive market research industry. With a focus on innovation and data-driven decision-making, GfK offers a diverse range of services, including consumer tracking, retail analytics, and brand performance measurement. In 2023, GfK reported revenues totaling €1.8 billion, highlighting its significance in shaping market trends and strategies.

4. Ipsos SA:

Ipsos SA emerges as a key player in Europe’s market research landscape, renowned for its cutting-edge research methodologies and strategic insights. With a global network of experts and resources, Ipsos delivers actionable intelligence to clients across various industries, including automotive, healthcare, and technology. In 2023, Ipsos reported revenues of €2.5 billion, reaffirming its position as a trusted advisor to businesses seeking to understand and engage with consumers in the European market.

5. YouGov plc:

Amidst Europe’s market research giants, YouGov plc stands out for its innovative approach to data collection and analysis. Leveraging the power of technology and digital platforms, YouGov specializes in online surveys, social media monitoring, and brand tracking, providing clients with real-time insights into consumer behavior and opinions. In 2023, YouGov reported revenues exceeding €200 million, signaling its rapid growth and influence in the European market research landscape.


Europe’s top 5 market research companies exemplify excellence in insight generation, strategic analysis, and consumer understanding. Through their innovative methodologies, extensive networks, and unwavering commitment to quality, these companies have become trusted advisors to businesses seeking to navigate the complexities of the European market. As we look ahead to the future, these market research pioneers will undoubtedly continue to shape industry trends, drive innovation, and empower businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving marketplace.

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